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About this image

This image was captured at 17:13:31 on 03/27/2007. The complete image sequence of this bird is avaiable here. Matt Mendenhall, who is the Associate Editor of Birder's World magazine, think there is some interesting crest and white feature on this bird.

Experts' comments

"Please take a close look at the image captured at 17:13:31 on 03/27/2007, it contains something interesting."

-- Matt Mendenhall
Associate Editor
Birder's World

"All of the images in the sequence appear to be a PIWO (or unidentifiable) except for one, which seems to show a light-colored trailing edge on the top of the wings. Martjan suggested that the bird was a PIWO with brown, rather than black, secondaries. He said this occurs sometimes, possibly because of dietary inadequacies at molting time. I have never seen a PIWO with brown secondaries, but it would appear there is/was one near the power line."

-- M. David Luneau
Associate Professor
Department of Engineering Technology
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

"I actually think the lighter color on the trailing edge of the wing is caused by motion blur... you see that the same light color is displayed on the leading edge of the dorsal surface of the right wing. An IBWO wing would be black in this area. In fact, it looks like the light color extends beyond the wing's surface. That's one major disadvantage of using low res. or blurry video. It's difficult to tell artifact from the real thing and white presents the most difficult case."...

"Also, look at image 534. In this image, for IBWO, we would expect to see white on the trailing and leading edges of the ventral side of the right wing. Instead we see the white wing window that is diagnostic of PIWO."

"All that said, I quick look at it sure gets one's heart rate up!"

-- Ron Rohrbaugh
Director of the IBWO Research Project
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Cornell University

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