ACONE: Hardware

Overall settings


Two 3MB-pixel video cameras are mounted by a pair steel bands with adjustable supporting arms. The setup follows a typical mounting standard in video surveillance industry. The mount is very strong and does not have noticeable vibrations.  Two cameras are protected by weatherproof camera enclosure with thermal control. The enclosure is TPH 5000 Camera enclosure with IP67 weather protection rating. It comes with BR-20 pole mount adapter.



Inside the camera enclosure. It comes with a heater and a fan controlled by a pair of thermal sensors.

The box is also weatherproof with climate control.  The box is 14"x12"x7" and rated at IP42.


Inside the box, there is a lot of stuff.


The box also comes with pole mount adapter. Here we use a pair of U-bolts. It also can be mounted by a pair of steel bands for poles with large diameters. The steel bands would be similar to those used in camera mount. The link between the box and cameras are a pair of weatherproof  flexible PVC pipes used to protect wires and cables inside.



The only connection to the outside is 110AC power supply, which enters the system from the bottom of box. We have a 1/2" cable conduit connector for external power supply. The black cable here is a temporary setting.


More hardware...


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