ACONE Installation Log

From Oct. 25 to Oct. 29, ACONE system has been installed and launched in Bayou Deview, Brinkley, Arkansas for the search of the legendary Ivory-Billed Woodpecker.

  • Day 1 (Oct. 25): we packed ACONE system and drove about 500 miles from College Station, TX  to Brinkley, AR.


  • Day 2 (Oct. 26): We arrived at the installation site early morning. AECC group have already installed power transformers, poles, and switch box. With the help of every team member, we have installed our ACONE system on one of the electric pole.


  • Day 3 (Oct. 27): We started configuring and fine-tuning system and cameras for the forest environment. We explained to David Luneau, who is our collaborator volunteering for system maintenance, how to replace storage disk for ACONE system.


  • Day 4 (Oct. 28): Continue configuration and fine tuning cameras based on the image feedback captured on Oct. 27.


  • Day 5 (Oct. 29): Final configuration for ACONE system.